Sean Kenny

Infinite Scrolling With JQuery


Recently I was asked to include an infinite scroll for a client’s twitter account on their homepage. I was surprised at how easy it turns out to be.

In a nutshell, it consists of:

Use AJAX to hit Twitter’s timeline API to get the tweets

Something I Learned Today – Declaritive Authorization


Well not exactly true. We’ve been using this great gem for a while now on our first venture into Ruby on Rails.

Ryan Bates over at RailsCasts has a great session on the topic. We implemented the basic vanilla version on our RESTful controller actions and models and everything seemed to run fine after making a few tweaks.

JQuery Binding With the Future in Mind


This was something that confused me for a while when I started JQuery – binding. You add a new html element and want to bind to a click event for example on that element. Sounds straightforward.

We have 2 divs, the first being static and the second being a placeholder that we will dynamically add more html elements to.