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FullCalendar - With a Resource Day View! - V2



I’ve finally got to updating my fork of Adam Shaw’s v2.0.2 Full Calendar.

There are a few changes required if you are going to move from the previous 1.6 version, namely the use of the moment.js date library. I’ve used this library previously and you owe it to yourself to take a look. It takes all that javascript date pain away. And that’s a good thing…

The ResourceDayView I’ve added is pretty much a clone of the AgendaDayView so head on over to to get a feel for the agenda view.

The upgrade to v2 docs cover the diffs in detail.


Take a look at the plunkr demo here.

In the demo, pop open the developer tools (F12 in chrome) => console and you should see a console log for clicking on events, dragging events, etc.


If you spot any issues, please submit a github issue with a label of v2.0!


I see there is a v2.1 release imminent *le sigh*. It is still in beta and there are a SHED LOAD of internal changes so as soon as it is released I’ll start the merge process again.

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